Visualise connections and conversations on Twitter

Written by Victoria Louise Crump-Haill – Digital Strategist/Account Director‏

In order to boost social media productivity, Twitter users need to know who to follow, keep track of their conversations and be aware of mentions, retweets and new followers. But with the rapid expansion of social networks and the constant hum of new conversations, this is becoming more and more of a challenge.

Mentionmapp is an inspiring tool that allows you to visually monitor your Twitter network. From looking at connections and conversations, users can discover which people interact the most, what they are actually talking about, and which people are relevant to follow on Twitter.

To use Mentionmapp, simply log on and enter any Twitter user name to view an interactive map of connections that you can explore.

By loading each user’s Twitter updates, Mentionmapp finds the people they connect with and the hashtags they have used the most. The data is displayed using a  Constellation Framework, where mentions become connections, and discussions between multiple users emerge as clusters. Clicking a user will display their network of mentions as well as details from their profile.

This graph visualisation uses custom node renderers which display profile images, usernames, and hashtags. The appearance of each node changes depending on its distance from the select user or hashtag. Very cool.

As information is loaded gradually from Twitter, nodes and edges will appear on your Mentionmapp and the layout will shift to accommodate them. Mentionmapp doesn’t index an entire stream of Tweets, it just uses the most recent tweets to create a map. But since the people that you mention the most are likely to have been mentioned by you recently, the map should still be fairly accurate.

To show you which of your conversation topics are most talked about, the lines drawn between nodes gradually become thicker and draw your attention to big discussions. By hovering over an edge you can also reveal the exact number of mentions.

Ever-changing, ever-interesting and ever-visual, watching your Mentionmapp grow and develop can become somewhat of an addiction!


We love this is a great new dynamic visualisation tool. What do you think?

Post by: Stephen Dunn

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