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Written by Victoria Louise Crump-Haill – Digital Strategist/Account Director‏

The campaign is not designed to scare men but to make them aware of the facts and to warn them that breast cancer does not only affect women.

The facts:

It is estimated that around 300 new cases of breast cancer in men are diagnosed each year in England. The average age of diagnosis is 71 years of age.

Breast cancer in men is much less common than breast cancer in women, affecting just one in every 100,000 men in England.

The causes of breast cancer in men are unclear, but a number of risk factors for the condition have been indentified. These include:

Age – most cases of male breast cancer affect men who are over 70 years of age
Having a family history of breast cancer (both male or female)
Obesity – a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more
Alcohol consumption

The outlook for breast cancer in men is less favourable than for breast cancer in women. This is because there is less awareness of the condition, so it often takes longer to diagnose.

Your chances of getting male breast cancer increase with age, but the good news is that early detection saves lives.

Watch the campaign video here:

[Facts sourced from]

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