Why Sochi 2014 athletes use action cameras like GoPros to train better

Written by Becky Canvin – Digital Content Manager

GoPro CamerasAction cameras, such as GoPros, are used to capture experiences for many people taking part in sport.

From skiing and snowboarding to cycling, surfing and ice skating, these tiny gadgets allow people to document and share their sporting memories.

But athletes including Team GB’s snowboarder Jenny Jones don’t just use action cameras to create great footage like this. They use the recordings to analyse their performance.

It’s all about technique

Technique has a huge impact on the performance of an athlete. A slight foot out of place or a bend in the body can make the difference between a gold and bronze medal. Coaches and athletes taking part in Sochi 2014, including those in the bob sleigh, curling, and the snowboard slopestyle and halfpipe, use the video footage from action cameras to improve their technique.

Action cameras can provide instant feedback to the coach and athlete in the field of play. They also give a unique perspective from many angles – the point of view of the athlete or from above, behind or to the side.

Strapping the camera to the chest, attaching it to a bob sleigh or mounting it to a helmet provides footage that allows the athlete to make small changes to their technique and hopefully master it.

And it’s not just the athletes that reap the benefits

Action camera company GoPro uses the inspiring content captured by their ambassador athletes on their website and to drive product innovation. One of their partners is Shaun White, two-time Olympic gold medallist. GoPro built a halfpipe to help him train and then posted a clip of the champion perfecting a new trick that has never been seen before.

On the GoPro website, Shaun comments: “I’m looking forward to seeing my riding in a different light with new angles that only GoPro cameras can capture.”

Produced by Rebecca Canvin, Digital Content Manager.

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