Medical Education

Engaging audiences with eMedEd, eCME and
bite-sized learning

Medical education is an integral part of ongoing professional development, and for a time-poor healthcare professional audiences, delivering concise, focused content is key to driving engagement and learning.

Our approach to medical education is to make it bite-sized, accessible and minimal effort for our target audiences. Our team of medical writers and digital designers deliver compact e-learning solutions by combining video and digital content in easily digested packages. We use bespoke educational platforms and innovative on-line channels to ensure our messages reach our audiences and embrace the power of peer-to-peer recommendation to maximise impact of educational content.

And for internal audiences, we have experience in developing interactive stakeholder education, MSL training and all the collateral materials and tools required to support local healthcare professional training events

Our services include:

  • Bite-sized educational videos
  • Compact e-learning programmes
  • Online CME and IME
  • Bespoke educational platforms and websites
  • Content population for client platforms
  • Channel-based content distribution
  • MSL educational materials
  • Peer-to-peer educational video
  • Internal stakeholder education
  • MSL training
  • Training toolkits
  • Meeting content development


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