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Myeloma UK is the only organisation in the UK focused on helping myeloma patients live longer and with a better quality of life. To address the challenges faced by healthcare professionals (HCPs) involved in the treatment and care of myeloma patients, The Myeloma Academy was developed to provide access to comprehensive learning resources and tools in an innovative online environment. The aim is to support HCPs in their role and help patients get the best possible treatment and care.


As a long-standing partner for developing educational content, Myeloma UK selected Brandcast Health to develop their video highlights of the 2015 Myeloma Roadshows, a series of free events, tailored to doctors and nurses, with the aim of addressing a breadth of topics in myeloma research, treatment and care, tailored to a UK perspective.

Brandcast attended the first Myeloma Academy Roadshow in Leeds, UK and worked with Myeloma UK to provide full coverage of the event, which included recording of all presentations, filming Q&A sessions and debates, plus developing a promotional video for future events and attendee vox-pops (including researchers, doctors and nurses). The event was a great success, and the full content of the meeting is now available online for myeloma HCPs to access on-demand at their own convenience.



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