Near Naked Man – Balls Out Challenge

Written by Victoria Louise Crump-Haill – Digital Strategist/Account Director‏

We just love the YouTube video announcing the recruitment of top British cyclist Rob Hayles as the new Near Naked Man Cycling Ambassador.

Near Naked Man is the champion for Male Cancer Awareness Campaign’s  (MCAC) campaign to combat the embarrassment that prevents men from discussing their bodily functions and getting tested for prostate cancer.

Using a creative approach to appeal to men’s sense of humour, MCAC want to reach a mass audience of men and those who care about them – whatever their age, culture, religion or sexuality. By getting the message across to younger men then perhaps they’ll remember it when they’re older and recognise the early warning signs in their older friends and relatives.

The Near Naked Man outfit is the world’s most eye catching cycling apparel, its purpose is to raise awareness and reduce embarrassment of male cancer. With Rob’s support they’re asking as many people as possible to sign up to their fundraising website and help raise awareness of male cancer. Anyone who signs up to one of the charity challenges will be invited to a special Rob Hayles’ training day that will finish in the evening with their ‘end of season awards’ hosted by Rob and his special guests. Rob is a three times Olympic medalist and double track world champion and is one of the most experienced and respected riders in British cycling.

This is a memorable and creative disease awareness campaign that will appeal to the target audience of younger men (blokes) and the use of social video to deliver the message is wonderfully executed. Great job.

Who’s going to get their balls out then?

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