Report: Melanoma experts at EADO 7

Written by Victoria Louise Crump-Haill – Digital Strategist/Account Director‏

European Association of Dermato-Oncology (EADO) meeting is now becoming a yearly event around skin cancer, where researchers and clinicians know that they can find both the most new data, the best review but also the practical information in the fields of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Brandcast were busy last week in Nantes, France for the 7th EADO meeting, where we hosted and filmed an expert roundtable discussion published on The panel was chaired by Professor Reinhard Dummer who was joined by the vice- president of EADO, Professor Claus Garbe, Dr Caroline Robert and Prof Jürgen Becker and the group discussed the changing landscape in melanoma.

The panel talk about the latest development in ipilimumab therapy for melanoma and discuss the development of vemurafenib to treat patients with the BRAF mutation.

The anti-CTLA-4 monoclonal antibody ipilimumab has changed the landscape of multiple melanoma treatment. Ipilimumab is the first agent to improve overall survival in patients with advanced or metastatic melanoma. The panel explain the mechanism or action, outline the toxicity profile and explain how these side effects should be addressed. Recent research has demonstrated that combining ipilimumab with the peptide cancer vaccine gp100 does not improve outcomes and actually led to inferior rates of disease control and progression-free survival, however combination with other targeted agents is still seen as the future of melanoma treatment.

Vemurafenib is a highly active BRAF inhibitory drug which has produced strong responses in a large proportion of melanoma patients positive for the BRAF mutation. The panel discuss the research that has been done into the use of the use of vemurafenib, talk about the associated adverse effects and consider how these can be managed.

You can view the expert discussion on ecancer here.

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