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Digital Revolution!

The Medical Communications industry in changing.

At Brandcast Health, we believe not just in embracing, but driving that change. Together, we can revolutionise the way the healthcare industry communicates with its audiences. We believe healthcare professionals and patients must have access to the information they need to achieve their goals. We believe that content should be genuinely relevant and educational. We believe in delivering it in an accessible and engaging way, underpinned by an in-depth understanding of the audience.

And we place these beliefs at the heart of everything we do.


Labs Culture

Digital explorers

We are digital explorers, and a significant proportion of our resources are committed to R&D.


We experiment with state-of-the-art technologies and creative ideas.


We look for opportunities to collaborate with other companies, societes, professionals, patients…

Rocket illustration

We go where no MedComms agency has gone before.

Every Brandcaster has an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to make a difference.

Everyone in our extraordinary team contributes to our labs projects. It’s where we experiment with new tools and techniques. It’s where we fail and learn, so audiences can benefit from our trials without enduring our errors. It’s the approach and values that have helped us create amazing, strategic partnerships with our clients.

Go where no medcomms agency has gone before

Whether you’re a digital wizard, a budding marketing strategist, or a scientific writer, you can achieve great things at Brandcast Health!

You will collaborate seamlessly with creatives, developers, strategists, scientists, marketeers, writers, UX consultants, and more to produce incredible campaigns with meaningful results. You will be challenged and supported with continuous learning and development as digital technologies evolve. You will be incredibly proud of the tools and assets that you create with your colleagues, your clients, your friends.

Brandcast Life

If you’re wondering what it’s like to be a Brandcaster, here’s a glimpse of life at our agency.

4 hours of dedicated social time for all every fortnight

Team time is important, so dedicate time to learn about each other, form collaborative relationships and enjoy each other’s company. As part of the social time we’ve done baking, painting, quizzes, and games – to name but a few!


From home, from the office, from your favourite cafe… The place that provides you with the inspiration to do your best work is the place we think you should be and we’ll support you in getting it all set up.

Personalised training and self-development

We dedicate time and budget to every individual to ensure that you become the most amazing person you can be. Your goals are important to us and we want to share in your successes.

Clubs and Community

Our people create our culture. That’s why we encourage the development of communities – both in the real world and virtually. Some of the more popular ones are #listentothis, #brandcastwalkerz, #WFH_Lunch_inspo, #gardening, and #bookclub. How will you help us expand our horizons?

#shoutout and #oops channels – we celebrate the successes of our colleagues and rarely a day goes by without a shoutout for good work and happy clients. At the same time, we embrace learning from our mistakes. The #oops channel is a safe space where we share our own bloopers and reflect on how we can do better in the future.

Back to reality – We hope we can spend more time together in the same space again soon. When we do, we will get back to what we were doing before the lockdowns…. Friday drinks, office massages, dinner club, and good ol’ hanging out.

Surprise Surprise – we’re always looking for more ways to improve the working life of Brandcasters. Sometimes, we’ll surprise you with new ideas. If they’re popular, we keep them! Recent examples include chocolates, champagne, craft kits, FREE HOLIDAY!, and contributions to charities selected by the team.

Employee Benefits – As well as the Bradcaster lifestyle, we offer our employees a number of benefits, including competitive salaries, bonus opportunities, 24/7 access to an independent wellbeing service, a competitive pension scheme, and more.

Curious about becoming a Brandcaster?

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