Brandcast launches ecancerHub

Written by Victoria Louise Crump-Haill – Digital Strategist/Account Director‏

Brandcast is excited and proud to announce the launch of ecancerHub, a new, open-access, approach to providing the cancer community with high quality and trustworthy information. Integrating the best of social media technology into one unique platform, ecancerHub enables patients, healthcare professionals, researchers and policy makers to interact and connect, not only to share within their own groups, but also cross-community.

ecancerHub is the product of the two-year project Eurocancercoms, a European Commission FP7  funded initiative. The Eurocancercoms project1, a partnership of Europe’s major cancer organisations and businesses led by the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, looked at issues and bottlenecks surrounding the communication and dissemination of cancer information across Europe, with the aim of establishing a single, efficient network for cancer communication in Europe.

Brandcast Health was a lead partners in the Eurocancercoms project focused on project technologies. Research conducted as part of the project highlighted the need for a trusted online common platform for healthcare professionals and patients to be able to communicate, network, share and produce knowledge. ecancerHub provides a unique solution to fill this gap.

Prof Richard Sullivan, one of the project leads for ecancerHub from Kings Health Partners Integrated Cancer Centre says, “We have seen a huge growth in cancer information over the last 10 years, but much of this is fragmented, hard-to-access, and of questionable quality. Utilising the expertise of our partner Brandcast in cutting edge social media platform technology European partners have created the first integrated platform to deal with these issues and  serve all members of the cancer community be they patients, poliycmakers, professionals or scientists”

According to Charlie Grieve, Managing Director, Brandcast Health, “the cancer community has the opportunity to not only add, but to build upon, discuss, debate, generate new ideas and gather opinions. ecancerHub offers a unique way of leveraging social media to improve collaboration and enhance communications within the cancer community, and to ultimately improve patient outcomes.”

For further information please contact Stephen Dunn.

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