5 of the best fitness apps to help you get fit

Written by Becky Canvin – Digital Content Manager

If, like me, you made a New Year’s resolution to take up exercise this January, how are you getting on? Have you dusted off your trainers and made a good start? Or do you feel defeated and lacking motivation? If it’s the latter, a fitness app may just be the answer. 

Here’s a selection of the five best apps to help get you moving and to renew your enthusiasm for that New Year’s resolution.



GPS tracking. If running is your thing, MapMyRun is for you. It tracks your run using GPS and gives you a whole host of stats, including your pace, calories burnt, speed, distance covered and time. You can look at your recent workouts and find routes that other people have completed near you.

Social networking. Following your friends and keeping up to date with their latest runs is hugely motivating.  Another great feature is that you can set goals and challenges and win awards for making progress towards your goal or being at the top of the public leader board.

Nike Training Club


Recently improved, Nike Training Club app is marketed to females, but males can also take part in the exercises.

Workouts. You can choose from over 100 workouts that give you step-by-step video demos to help correct your technique. Your training history is stored and you can also favourite workouts. Whether you want to lose weight, create muscle definition or develop power, the 30-day programmes are helpful to keep you on track, depending on your goals.

Profile. Viewing your training progress in your profile is helpful and you can celebrate progress with your friends.

Strava Cycling


Cycling app. This Strava cycling app is aimed at cycling fanatics. You can track all of your rides and join challenges. The app works on many devices, including Android and iPhones and Garmin.

Compare and compete. A great feature to keep your motivation high is comparing your ride to other athletes who have ridden it. As with MapMyRun, you can also challenge yourself and follow friends. 



Fitbit works with a tracker device that you have to buy separately (from £49.99). The device and app help you to not only get active, but also eat and sleep better and manage your weight.

Daily tracking. The tracker device measures your sleep quality, steps, calories burned and stairs climbed. The benefit of this is that it tracks you over a 24-hour period so it not only measures your exercise but can also give you insight into your health.

Social sharing. As with the other apps, it allows you to share and compete with friends and keeps you motivated with rewards.

Zombies, Run!


Audio and visual game. Last, but not least, in my roundup of fitness apps is Zombies, Run. This one is in my top 5 as I like the use of gamification to motivate you to run further and faster. The app uses audio to deliver a story into your headphones while you run ‘away from the zombies’.

There are a number of missions available and it gives you the option to view your runs online with run history. When you are at home your can build and grow your base to help you complete your mission.

Do you use apps to track and monitor your fitness? If so, which apps do you use? Write in the comments box below.

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